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Challenging Classroom Conversations

Challenging Classroom Conversations Online

Engage in "Challenging Classroom Conversations": Navigating Potentially Polarizing Discussions with Skill and Sensitivity

In today's diverse and complex educational landscape, fostering an inclusive learning environment means embracing a range of perspectives, even when they may seem polarizing. The "Challenging Classroom Conversations" workshop is your guide to effectively preparing for and facilitating discussions on sensitive topics, all while maintaining an environment that supports deep learning and mutual respect.

Led by experienced educators and facilitators from CTLI and IDI, this workshop delves into the art of navigating difficult discussions within the classroom. We recognize that addressing topics that elicit differing viewpoints can be daunting, but it's a crucial part of creating a robust educational experience. Through this workshop, you'll gain the tools and strategies to confidently steer conversations that encourage critical thinking, empathy, and growth.

In "Challenging Classroom Conversations," you will learn:

  • Preparation Strategies: Discover techniques for effectively preparing yourself and your students for potentially challenging discussions. Learn how to set clear expectations, establish ground rules, and create a safe space that encourages open dialogue.
  • Facilitation Skills: Develop facilitation skills that promote active listening and respectful engagement. Explore methods to guide conversations that allow for diverse viewpoints while preventing conversations from escalating into conflicts.
  • Managing Discomfort: Address the discomfort that can arise during challenging discussions. Gain insights into managing emotional responses, defusing tension, and fostering an environment where participants feel valued and heard.
  • Inclusive Practices: Explore ways to ensure that underrepresented voices are included and that all students feel seen and respected during conversations. Learn to recognize and address implicit biases that might affect the discourse.
  • Promoting Learning: Discover techniques to tie challenging discussions back to learning objectives, ensuring that these conversations contribute to students' growth, critical thinking skills, and broader understanding of the subject matter.

In essence, anyonewho seeks to facilitate constructive conversations around sensitive topics in a way that promotes learning and respect would find this workshop highly beneficial; especially educators who are committed to fostering inclusive environments where all students' voices are heard and respected. So please, join us for "Challenging Classroom Conversations" as we equip you with the skills and confidence to navigate complex topics while fostering an atmosphere of learning, respect, and inclusivity. Together, let's transform potentially polarizing discussions into powerful learning opportunities that enrich the educational journey for both you and your students.

This session was designed and is facilitated through a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) and the Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (IDI). Please NOTE: the in person location for this workshop is being confirmed, updated details will be sent to all registrants as soon as available

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Time Zone:
Eastern Time - US & Canada (change)
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